How To Data Recovery Services Your Data On A Broken Smartphone?

This method is only possible if you have an Android smartphone , since iPhones do not have the option of inserting a microSD card.

At first, check what Data Recovery Services is stored in your memory card and what is in the phone. If all your important information is on the microSD card, you can transfer it to your laptop via a special USB card reader for microSD.

Once you have gathered all your Data Recovery Services on your memory card. Make sure your phone is turned off before removing the microSD card . The method for removing the memory card is different depending on the smartphone models. For this, you must refer to the manual of your device. But in most cases you need a special pin which is always included in your phone box.

Connecting a mouse to a cell phone? It may sound strange, but it works. It’s even the first thing to do if your screen is broken. But you have to be sure that your smartphone is still working because you will have to enter your PIN code.

Thanks to USB OTG technology , it is possible to connect a mouse or other peripherals to your mobile. Before performing this step, check online whether your Facebook Data Services smartphone is compatible or not. If so, you just need a special cable with a USB-C tip on one side for your phone and a regular USB tip on the other.

Once the mouse is connected, we get to the serious stuff. If your phone is still showing a few images, but your touchscreen is too damaged to use, this will be easy to fix. However, if your screen is completely black, you need to test how much your mouse moves to be able to click in the right places.