How To Data Recovery Formatted Hard Drive Data

Have you ever made this mistake? How to Data Recovery from a formatted hard drive? In this post, MiniTool shows you how to recover data from a formatted hard drive.

Can I recover data from a formatted hard drive?

Formatting means performing initialization operations that are performed on a disk when we want that disk to be available to store data. In essence, if the disk has not been formatted, it cannot be used to store data. However, you can also choose to reformat the disk at any time, after you’ve saved data to that drive.

In fact, recovering a damaged or formatted hard drive is not always practical. For example, if the disk drive has been sent to the manufacturer for low-level formatting, the file may be lost forever; on the other hand, if the drive has undergone a high-level formatting, we still have a chance to successfully recover the data.

Data Recovery

There are 2 possible situations when formatting the drive :

Situation 1 :

Imagine this: you save a very important file on one of your drives, but when you open it to access the files, it doesn’t. The system Linkedin tells you ‘You need to format the disk before use’. At this critical point, you cannot accept the ‘ Disk Format ‘ option to use the unit as usual. Doing so will cause damage to the files stored on that disk. Unfortunately, some people can format the drive by losing their important files.

Situation 2 :

Another possible situation is this: you find that the hard drive is left in a RAW state or that the volume does not contain a recognized file system , you can choose the format option to work around this issue.