Data Recovery : The Best Idea For Your Data Recover

We’re working on something interesting uh solid state drive it’s a sandisk solid state drive that came from far far away this was sent in from germany. i have two here probably guessing right one will be our parts slash donor class test board and the second one is what clients intend to get Dallas Data Recovery off of i already checked it out as much. as i could i even tried to revive it through attaching this connector but a picture says a thousand words so let me just uh tell you a thousand words by showing you.

This i don’t know exactly what went down but there are multiple layers affected and in the event of previous repair work. that the client performed or the shop that sent it performed or maybe it’s been somewhere else before uh. the it looks like there is a problem with the original controller which is uh  – it’s a similar controller to what san-disk puts on their cards and i have a donor that i picked up from ebay that arrived just not too long ago that will serve a purpose of a working platform understanding that.

If the controller is harmed and if i’m working already with the device that had something fried we might as well just take the memory out and swap it on to uh something. that is functional something that is confirmed that’s that’s working that’s gonna give us Data Recovery so in order to confirm.

I’m going to hook this up to the usb port and that’s going to go into the deepspar usb stabilizer our studio we see this seagate usb. that’s the device because it’s connected to a seagate enclosure it shows up as seagate but this is our unit and if we go into hex view and scroll through. it we see that there’s some activity that’s being performed over there and location of uh logical block address changes as we scroll through so what do we need to do the easiest and the simplest way assuming.

That originally fried the controller of the uh ssd that was sent in why risk that extra uh possibility of frying this controller. if the short isn’t taken care of and if it’s going to affect the controller right away when we have a fully functional board that has exact same controller and we know that this board isn’t uh special it doesn’t have any unique Facebook Data Recovery encryption.

The good controller by putting it on this board in an effort to save myself – minutes even though. we’re not doing anything with the donor directly. i’m still going to go ahead and mark the chips as they come out so this is three this is four this is two and that’s going to be one put on fume extraction fume extractor is on lock this in place so all right , so i’m gonna let this cool off naturally we’ll step to the patient for now all right let’s take.