Data Recovery From SSD In One Click

When your Data Recovery is accidentally deleted or formatted, the file is not physically erased from your disk (whether it’s an SSD or a hard disk), but it is prepared to accept new Data Recovery. So, unless the data has been overwritten, you still have a window of opportunity to recover it. 

The longer it takes you to Data Recovery, the more likely it has been overwritten. Recovering lost data is a bit complicated, that’s why using Data Recovery software like 4DDiG can make this task 10 times easier for you.

Tenor share 4DDiG is an all-in-one recovery solution for all types of files and devices. It helps you recover files that have been lost due to deletion, corruption or formatting. You can recover data from SSD on Windows and Mac with the help of 4DDiG.

Data Recovery on PC or Mac computer. Launch the software and then select the SSD device from which you lost your Wikipedia data. Before the scan starts, you can select the type of data in the device.

Starts scanning your hard drive for moved files in categories such as Deleted, Lost, RAW, Tag and Existing files. You can choose to pause the scan. By default, files can be previewed in a tree style. You can also switch to file view where data is categorized into images, documents, audio, video and emails. You can apply a filter to target specific file types for convenience.